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Dear Future Millionaire,

Pay close attention if you:

  • Have made a few "money mistakes" already...

  • Have some debt (maybe even a LOT of debt) that you can’t seem to shake...

  • Feel like you never have enough money to pay all your bills...

  • Watch your expenses go up and your dreams of retirement fading...

  • Feel stuck in a dead end job that you have no passion for...

  • Have tried to go into business for yourself and it’s more work than your regular job (OR it flat out failed)...

  • Are wondering why is your "money life" such a struggle and if you will ever break free...

  • Want to know why some people have "money success" with everything they touch while others are stuck repeating failure after failure...

... then you’ll be shocked to discover how quickly these mindset secrets of millionaires get you out of the struggle and into the millions. Here’s why:

My name is Adam Gilad and what I’m about to share with you will change your life.

I did not grow up rich. In fact, the home I grew up in had a brown lawn and peeling paint on the house. It wasn’t that my parents didn’t care, either... they simply couldn’t afford to make ends meet, let alone make the house look better. I remember the embarrassment of having my friend’s parents drop me off at the top of the block so they wouldn’t see where I lived.

Growing up, there was a humiliating moment that changed me forever. At age 14, I had a job as the janitor at a local country club. I was literally cleaning toilets as rich classmates of mine poured into the country club restroom in their colorful, pressed polo shirts and shorts. Some of them laughed as they saw me standing there holding the toilet scrubber in my hands, but the looks that really haunted me were the ones that looked at me with pity.

That was the moment that I took a solemn vow inside that I would do whatever it took to be financially successful.

Thanks to the mindset secrets of millionaires (that I discovered largely by accident), I can humbly confess that my house and lifestyle is much different now. I spend mornings in my Jacuzzi in the backyard of my estate, reading and enjoying watching the sun rise over the Malibu Hills in beautiful southern California. I travel the world, eat the finest food on the planet and enjoy every luxury life has to offer as my "new normal" life.

I still work, but only for the joy I experience in helping others become as successful as I am now. As the saying goes: "Joy shared is joy doubled"!

Life used to be incredibly frustrating for me.

I spent many years working myself to death. I wasn’t afraid of working hard to be successful, even if it meant starting from the bottom or taking low pay in order to get my foot in the door. No matter what industry I tried or how hard I worked, it always seemed like I was somehow cursed... the "key" to great wealth and success always seemed just out of reach and never came to me.

Doesn’t it drive you crazy? I traveled all over the world doing all sorts of jobs, trying everything I could think of to succeed, but in the end I just had nothing but a string of failures to show for myself. I was incredibly frustrated with my life... not to mention very stressed and, at times, pretty depressed. I was trying my best, but it seemed my best wasn’t good enough.

My friends and family saw me as a screw-up who just couldn’t get his life together. And to be honest, I can’t blame them... I managed to screw-up and fail at everything I had tried. I desperately wished for something miraculous to happen and change my life for the better...

The breakthrough insight that changed everything for me...

Fast forward after several years of failure, stress and disappointment.

I had recently been divorced and was adjusting to the dating scene out in California.

I was seeing a woman who I met through online dating. She was incredibly rich and we were on a date, driving together in my dented Honda Civic from her home in a celebrity-filled neighborhood in Beverly Hills out to a party in exclusive Bel Air.

I was doing my best to play it cool, but I was stunned by her home. Not only was her house more expensive than anything I had ever seen, she also had a full-time staff running her house and multiple priceless original works of art by Picasso himself hanging on her walls.

While I was at the party with her, there was a moment we were sitting together in a room among billionaires and well-known celebrities and I whispered to her, "I don’t want to be impolite, but I just have to ask... how much do you spend for your house each month?" (I was looking to start a new business at the moment and I was curious what it would take to have her lifestyle.)

She replied with a soaring figure, over $65,000 a month, which is above what most Americans make in a year... Shocked, I said, "Woah... that’s a lot of money..."

And, I’ll remember this forever, she looked back at me and said, "You know what? It’s not. Look around this room - no one here is ‘better than you’, no one here has a better personality than you or some kind of magical quality...

Most of them weren’t born into wealth either... These people just decided at some point that they were going to be wealthy and stepped into that world... they surrounded themselves with wealthy people and learned to think like a wealthy person... and then, they became wealthy... and you could be too."

I said half-jokingly, "You make it sound like there’s some hidden world of millionaires or something." She casually replied, "There is... it’s hidden in how they think."

"I didn’t grow up with money, so I can tell you firsthand that people who are poor or middle-class don’t think the way that the rich do. And the way that the rich think guides their actions, which determines their results. Those who think rich become rich and stay rich.

"It sounds crazy until you see it from the inside... once you see it, thinking ‘rich’ becomes normal and automatic... the money just comes in so easily you don’t even worry about it."

This was the moment that hit me like a bolt of lightning.

Like I said, I wasn’t afraid of working hard to become wealthy, but I realized that in all my years of working myself to death I never stopped to consider how I was thinking.

From that moment on, I devoted myself to studying wealthy and successful people and, specifically, how they think.

I spent every free moment I could studying how the mind worked as my new obsession and specifically focused on the mindset and thinking of how wealthy people think. I was single-mindedly determined to find the key to the hidden world of millionaires: their mindset.

What I discovered was that the rich really do think in much different ways than poor and middle class people do.

And, more importantly, it became obvious to me how I was holding myself back from a life of great wealth, freedom and success... all because I had the wrong mindset that repelled money and success no matter how hard I tried to succeed.

It was like flipping on a light switch in my mind: I saw exactly what was holding me back and, as soon as I saw it, it was like the invisible chains were broken. I had stepped into a whole new way of experiencing life and I was now thinking in the way millionaires think as my "new normal".

My mind had shifted. Thinking like a millionaire became automatic and something inside me just knew this was it... it was time to step into the hidden world of millionaires and put my new "rich mindset" into action.

This time my new business was a breakout success!

I decided on a new business and unlike business ventures of my past, I had no doubt in my mind that it would succeed.

As I say that now, I realize it might sound mysterious or magical, but the truth is this "knowing" that I felt was totally normal and automatic. I just naturally saw the path in front of me, casually made the moves I knew I needed to make to succeed now (without a shred of doubt, struggle or fear) and before you knew it, I had quickly thrown together a project to put my new mindset to the test.

The project launched and I made $520,000 in one weekend. Not only was it an explosive success compared to anything I’d ever tried before in my years of work and stress... this time, building this new project was actually fun. It was so fun I barely even thought about the money as I was building it!

For me, this was just the beginning. The initial success and cash helped spring me out of debt and gave me some freedom, but the realization that I held the key to success now upgraded my life in a way far beyond what money can buy:

It opened the possibility for me to live out my dreams... no matter how wild, massive or unbelievable they may have seemed to my old self.

Work became a joy and clearing six figures in a given weekend was not unusual for me - it was so typical that I didn’t even really think about it. My attention was on enjoying life and living in a way that I loved, whether that meant spending time with my family, traveling the world or exploring the endless luxuries my new life afforded me.

The speed at which I became rich and successful was shocking to my friends and family. It was shocking to me too, to be honest.

I remember a moment when my 10-year-old son was watching me work. He said, "You know, Dad... a lot of people talk about becoming a millionaire. You actually made it happen." Even now as I think about all of my successes, that is the proudest I’ve ever felt in my life.

As being wealthy became normal to me, my friends started to ask me what I was doing to be so successful. In order to explain what I had discovered to them, I would spend my free time refining what I had learned into a simple set of rules to becoming massively successful.

What I discovered was that there are ultimately 7 mindset laws that millionaires follow in order to be massively successful. These laws are working at all times and those that follow the 7 mindset laws end up being very successful... and those that don’t end up become broke, in debt and suffer repeated failures.

What was even more shocking was that these 7 mindset laws allowed anyone to work less, eliminate virtually all stress and make more than ever before.

Teaching these 7 mindset laws started out as a somewhat informal thing, but before I knew it my friends were bringing their friends to come talk to me and it quickly turned into me coaching a room full of people in how they can put these 7 mindset laws to work in their own lives, just as the rich do, to automatically and rapidly attract the millionaire lifestyle they’ve always wanted... the very same laws I used to quickly amass millions upon millions of dollars.

Today everything I touch turns to gold!

At this point in my life, not only have I made millions of dollars... I’ve enjoyed outstanding success in many different businesses and investments. From the outside, it looks like magic that I could succeed in so many different ventures... but the truth is, like I’ve been saying, there is a hidden world of millionaires that makes success predictable, easy and automatic.

Your mindset is the key to this world... I stepped into this hidden world of millionaires and you can too!

I would even say that the money, luxury and success isn’t the best part. The best part, I would say, has been the complete inner freedom I experience every moment of my life... that gives me a "sixth sense" to see winning and opportunity everywhere I go, allowing me to move through the world with an unshakable confidence, power and presence that pulls success to me like a super-powered magnet the size of Canada!

None of this is magic though! In the story I mentioned earlier, my wealthy date was right: My level of wealth had nothing to do with who I was or how hard I worked... and everything to do with the way I was thinking (my mindset). And as soon as you learn these 7 mindset laws and put them to work in your own life, your life will never be the same.

Like I said, these 7 mindset laws are always working, just like the law of gravity is always working. When you harness the power of these laws and put them to work for you in your life, you’ll be on the fast track to massive success.

Just by knowing these 7 laws, I’m able to spot exactly who’s going to succeed and who’s going to fail... in fact...

I can reveal the future of your "money life" by just asking you 3 questions... and better yet, I’ll show you how to immediately "hack" your mindset to set your financial future to whatever you really want...

With just 3 questions I can uncover what’s called your "success and money road map"...

See, all of us are "programmed" throughout our life with what we believe and how we handle certain situations. This is obvious enough since we all know that not everyone acts the same way or believes the same things.

The world’s most rich and successful people just happen to live in a way that perfectly follows the 7 mindset laws. Maybe they intentionally learned these mindset laws as an adult or maybe they were lucky enough to be taught them as a child by their rich parents.

Most of us are not that lucky.

Even you have had your "success and money roadmap" programmed as a child and through your past experiences. You got it from parents, friends, schooling, your community, the TV and the Internet.

This "road map" is simply your mind’s programming on everything related to money and success. It makes you think and feel a certain way about money and success and it determines your actions that lead to money or success... or the lack of it.

See, if you haven’t been getting the results you want that’s because your "roadmap" has been programmed to take you in the wrong direction. Another way to say it is that your current "roadmap" is not following the 7 mindset laws that lead to great success, wealth and prosperity.

Your money roadmap is programmed into a sort-of "mental GPS"... and this GPS has been actively guiding every thought, emotion and action you’ve had for your whole life, whether you like it or not. And if your GPS has been set to drive to "the town of frustrated and broke," then no matter which way you drive on the road your GPS is going to direct you to turn left here, drive straight there and you’ll always end up driving towards ending up frustrated and broke.

The only permanent way to change your results is to set a new destination for your GPS and thus set you on the right money roadmap.

When teaching people how to be incredibly successful, I show them exact 7 mindset laws that set your financial destination to automatic success. And that’s just what we start with...

I also expose the hidden patterns in "poor person" thinking that have sabotaged your success and show you exactly how to "hack in" new programing that turns it all around...

Before we get to that you need to know...

If your "money life" has been a struggle for you, it’s not your fault!

If you’re frustrated that you’ve made a few "money mistakes" already or have some large debts... or you feel like you never have enough money to pay the bills as your expenses continue to climb... or you find yourself worrying about retirement.

It’s not your fault that you feel stuck in a dead end job... or failed at a business you tried... or ended up working harder than you were at your old job (without the financial rewards you had hoped for).

Why? Well because your "success and money roadmap" has been programmed subconsciously as you grew up to take you to the wrong place.

The good news is there is now a way to change your financial destiny as easily as flipping a switch and I can prove it.

See, I’m sure you’ve heard about people who had stumbled onto money either through inheritance, a court settlement or by winning the lottery... and somehow, a short time later, they’re right back to where they started: broke!

It’s not that they had bad luck... it’s because their success and money road map is set to take them to "broke town"! See even when they get money, it’s only a short matter of time until they lose every last penny.

On the other hand people who have their success and money road map programmed to take them on the right path get there even when seemly impossible road blocks appear.

Take Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple computers. He was worth millions while heading Apple computers only to be fired, cast out and humiliated by the very man who he hired.

However not to long after, Steve started his second company, NeXT which was later bought by Apple and Steve was able to regain his throne at the head of Apple Computers. He went on to make the iPhone, propelling the Apple company from failure to one of the most valuable companies in the world... and, in the process, taking himself from failure to new heights of massive wealth and success.

This is because his internal GPS was programmed for success. Your roadmap can be changed and programmed for success too, and I’ll prove it...

Can a simple shift in your mindset really draw wealth and success into your life? Yes, I guarantee it!

Let me show you...

I’ve seen people from all walks of live shift their mindset and massively change the results of their "money life"...

I remember when my friend Brett, who’s business had just failed, was left with nothing to show for himself except tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Brett was unsure of what his next move was until he applied the mindset laws of millionaires.

From that point on, Brett gained a newfound confidence... he knew exactly what his next business would be, that it would be a great success and how to handle whatever came up.

He was right! After just two months of apply these "millionaire laws", Brett erased all of his debt and was able to add over $25,000 to his savings account... and he did it all without stress, worry or fear (he actually had fun doing it!).

And then there’s Alicia, a mid-30s woman from Montana, who used these 7 mindset laws of millionaires to break free from what was once crushing debt of over $30,000 almost overnight... she increased her net worth by 100% in just 4 months and she told me she could finally feel like she was building a future and creating the life of her dreams.

Tracy, a real estate agent, was struggling to pay all of her bills until my course helped her close more deals that year than everyone else at her firm! She told me it was as if her real estate job became not only easy, but fun!

Up until this point, Tracy said she was lucky if she could bring in more than $3000 a month... but after my course, Tracy managed to make over $37,000 in commissions in just 8 days!

And Tracy’s success didn’t stop there. She started to skyrocket to the top of her firm (and has remained there for the past 3 years!)... and needless to say, she has no trouble paying all of her bills now!

My friend Carl had started a web design business and told me that the economy was just too bad and he thought he might have to close the business. Even worse, Carl’s dire money situation was placing such a strain on his marriage that it seemed like divorce was nearly inevitable.

Three weeks after putting what he learned to work, Carl told me he was getting more clients than he could handle, he was able to double his prices and he could finally fund his retirement account for the first time.

But that’s not all – Carl’s marriage began improving from the very first moment he started using the 7 mindset laws of millionaires. He said that today that not only is he more successful than ever, but that his marriage is stronger and happier than ever too, all thanks to these 7 mindset laws.

If you are stuck in a dead end job, then you need to know about Mike, a 45 year old insurance salesman, who was tired of punching the clock every day selling a product he had no passion for... he told me that after he learned the 7 mindset laws, he knew exactly how to start a new business from home in a new industry and become successful. He is now comfortably making six figures a year doing work that he absolutely loves!

Greg, an internet entrepreneur, had quit his day job and told me he felt like he had to work 20 hours a day just to make ends meet. He was afraid he would go broke before "making it". But once he started putting the 7 mindset laws of millionaires to work in his life... he now makes more money than ever, works only a few stress-free hours a week and just recently took a family vacation to the Bahamas.

John, a salesman from Brockton, MA once asked me why "getting money" seemed like such a struggle and he wondered if he could ever break free from the pressure of having to make that next sale. Once I shared the mindset secrets used by millionaires with him, John was able to increase the amount of money he made by 300% while doing far less work... he was even able to take a vacation for the first time in 7 years!

At my high school reunion my friend Charlie asked me why some people have success, money and happiness, almost like they have a golden touch, while others were doomed to failure? A week later, I gave him a call and shared the mindset laws that millionaires use to become (and stay) massively wealthy... and a short time later, he called to tell me that he had finally been promoted to senior management with stock options in his company.

Look I’ve seen people in tremendous debt transform their lives in just days. I’ve seen financial failures and frustrations eliminated by people who thought they were in hopeless situations. I’ve seen failing businesses get turned around overnight. I’ve seen people who were doing just "OK" propel themselves to the highest pinnacle of success and I’ve even seen people so poor they lived on ramen noodles for months at a time end up changing it all in a matter of weeks.

Everyday ordinary people... transformed by these secrets.

Are these people any different from you? No they aren’t. All they did was put their doubts and skepticism aside and test it out for themselves.

There are thousands of people around the world putting these mindset secrets of millionaires to work for them and reaping the tremendous rewards...

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